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  How do I set up direct debits?
  • Login to internet banking
  • Select payments and then transfer money
  • Complete the transfer money form
  • Select recurring then choose the frequency
  • Enter a start date
  • Choose end date, end after or no end date
  Term deposit rates
  • Want to invest, set aside and earn interest? BDCU Alliance Bank's Term Deposit accounts can be tailored to your investment needs. Start with as little as $1,000, set your term from 1 month to 24 months, and watch your money grow.
  • You can set your term and interest payments to suit you.
  • Find out more here
  What happens if I need to make an early withdrawal from my term deposit account?
  • If you need to withdraw from your term deposit early then you need to give us 31 days notice in writing. This will mean you won’t earn the published rate of interest as you are withdrawing early. If you have a case for financial hardship then you need to let us know, as in those cases will permit the withdrawal without the 31 days notice.
  Type of savings accounts
  • We have savings accounts to suit anyone, whether you are saving for something special or putting some money aside for your business we have an account that can suit you.
  • Our my community account for business not only pays a great rate of interest to our business members but you can nominate who you want to support and we do the rest. So you earn and they win! Find out more here
  Interest calculations
  • Want to find out how much interest you can earn click here

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