If you're a BDCU Member who has been affected by the bushfires, we encourage you to call (02) 4860 4000 for emergency assistance. We have a package to help you out. If you are insured by Vero, their Disaster Claims Line can be reached on 1800 132 223. If you would like to donate directly to your local RFS, you can at any BDCU Alliance Bank Centre or call (02) 4860 4000. 

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Super Hero Savers - savings tips for kids

Here’s some tips (and there’s way more that you can find online) on how to get started saving. You might have a part-time job or earn pocket money and with a few hints and tips you can save for

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Want us to visit your school and help with financial literacy?

Things we’ll help inform the kids with: How to manage your account and how banks work How to save up for something special Why it's important to keep things like passwords safe Going online

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It's never too early to start saving

Giving kids pocket money early and regularly helps them develop good money skills and can help them develop great skills for later on. Money Smart offers some great advice here Giving your

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