If you're a BDCU Member who has been affected by the bushfires, we encourage you to call (02) 4860 4000 for emergency assistance. We have a package to help you out. If you are insured by Vero, their Disaster Claims Line can be reached on 1800 132 223. If you would like to donate directly to your local RFS, you can at any BDCU Alliance Bank Centre or call (02) 4860 4000. 

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Preparing for Aged Care Living

Choosing to move into an aged care facility is an incredibly difficult decision. Most people don’t consider an aged care facility until a crisis occurs — such as a fall or needing respite after

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Travelling Overseas

How are you feeling? It might sound crazy but think about what your health care requirements are before you embark on that big trip and where you are going. Some countries will have reciprocal

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