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15 Minute Loan Health Check with John Turner

John Turner Banking Manager Small

Why a loan health check will benefit you 

  • We can look at the structure of your current loan, that may result in saving on interest or consolidating your debt, making payments more manageable. 
  • If your circumstances have changed or planning to change in the future, it is worthwhile to make sure your current loan is still meeting your needs and expectations. 
  • Banking should be simple, so we can take a look at your overall banking structure and help you simplify it.
  • BDCU Alliance Bank is unique in the market allowing members to repay up to 50% off a fixed rate loan without penalty, as well as allowing redraws on fixed rate loans. The certainty of a fixed rate with variable rate features means you get the best of both worlds.

Meet John Turner

John Turner is the Centre Banking Manager at BDCU Alliance Bank in Goulburn. He has a great deal of experience in banking with nearly 30 years in the banking industry and 20 years lending experience. 

John enjoys spending time with his wife and his two extremely active boys! He loves the footy and follows the mighty Bulldogs. He also has a passion for making sure you have the right home loan for your current needs. With lending interest rates a hot topic at the moment, now would be an ideal time for a 15 minute health check on your current home loan.

Benefits of Banking Locally

  • Experienced local staff who know the local market 
  • We talk human. We offer a local call centre, so you will speak to our friendly team first time, every time! 
  • We are owned by our members, which makes us a truly locally owned business. 
  • We are B Corp Certified and invest all our profits back into the local communities in which we operate in. 
  • Life is full of surprises and sometimes financial situations can be difficult, so knowing that you can call or drop in and speak to a local friendly face you know, makes those difficult situations a little easier to manage. 

If you would like to drop in and have a chat with John you can find him here or feel free to give him a call on (02) 4828 5840



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