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Check Us Out! Do Good Yearbook 2018

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Here's how the story ends.

The Do Good Yearbook 2018 is a story that starts at the end. 

Because at BDCU Alliance Bank, we focus on social outcomes first and then work our way back to achieve them. 

Here's a quick snapshot of what we achieved in 2018:

  • $746,760 total social spend for 2018 (includes grants, volunteering and staff working on our social programs)
  • $44,554 in My Community Grants
  • 21 days per year on average each employee spent volunteering 
  • 43 apprentices joined the Apprentice Support Program
  • $114,000 total funded in social impact loans for trade equipment

We're enhancing people's lives and enriching local communities, to make our community better off tomorrow than it was yesterday. But, we couldn't have done it without our members! So thanks to you, for banking with us, telling your friends about us and for all your advice and feedback! We look forward to making an even bigger impact next year!

Want to know more about how the story ends? Read on here.


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