Why bank with us?

Because the more you do with us, the more we can do for you and your community.

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Why #dogoodbanking and what does it mean?

At BDCU Alliance Bank we believe in building communities that are genuinely better tomorrow than they are today. We’ve been doing this for a long time now, but we were a little shy about telling you all about it. Not many people were aware of how much we do for the communities we live in, so we decided to let you know all about do good banking and why you should support it.

How do we support our communities?

Through BDCU’s alliance with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank we are able to do more than ever before - but we can only do this if we are successful as a business.
The more successful the BDCU Alliance Bank business is, the more we can do to help our communities – we genuinely want to do good for you and where we live


In the last financial year BDCU staff volunteered over 5,900 hours in community work! That equates based on an average hourly rate of around $4,700 per employee or 142 hours community work per employee annually.

So what does that mean for you?

The more you do your banking and business with us, the more we can do for you and your community.
Why not pop into your Local Centre or call 02 4860 4000 to find out more about #dogoodbanking and how you can get involved with doing good.