BDCU Alliance Bank Internet Banking upgrade Print

Thank you for your patience during our online banking upgrade.

Please read below to find out what has changed.

If you are having problems connecting to the new internet banking site, this could be due to your internet browser directing you to the old site, as it may be one of your favourites. Try refreshing your browser and remove the old link in your favourites, then replace with the new website link, or click here for some tips on how to resolve this.

What has changed?

Internet Banking Homepage

You can now put in order how you view your internet banking homepage.


Payees are now renamed as Account Address Book. You can find your address book under the payments tab.

You can only save a payee if you enter a nickname.

Recurring Payments

You do not need to select dates for your payments to occur, you can simply enter the number of payments you wish to reoccur.

Payment Reference

Internal transfers now have 55 characters for reference.

External transfers now have 18 characters for reference on recipient’s statement.

Future Payments

A red exclamation mark will appear on any rejected payments.

Paying a New Biller

If you need to pay a new biller. Select pay new biller and enter the biller code in the search for a biller field.

Mobile Banking

You may also notice that the mobile banking site looks a bit different. Don't worry, all the functionality you're used to is still there. 


Where do I find my external account number?

Your external account numbers can be found under the services tab (BSB information) on the new internet banking site. These should be quoted when dealing with external payments.

How do I log into internet banking?

The same way as before. Use your member number and access code.

What happens if I am having problems connecting to the new internet banking site?

It may be your internet browser. Click here for some suggested browser fixes.

Will my billers and payees still be there? Why can’t I do what I used to be able to do?

Yes, all your account details and information will still be the same. We have only added a few extra features to make internet banking easier to use. No original features have been removed.

If you are having any problems navigating or logging in please drop in to any of our Advice Centres or call Member Service on (02) 4860 4000.